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About Financepeer

Financepeer is an unique peer to peer lending platform designed to address financial needs of self-employed, entrepreneurs & salaried individuals through a highly secure, digital medium.

It allows individuals to access funds at attractive lending rates while at the same time ensuring that lenders get an assured high ROl on their contribution. Be it scaling up your business or catering to your specific personal needs, Financepeer offers you perfect funding solutions, right where you are

Real Customer Stories

CM Parmeshwar


A medical start-up


4 Lakhs

We run hospitals in rural areas, where most of our payments come through government-based insurance schemes, where there happens to be a fair amount of delay in releasing these payments. However, we are expected to release vendor payments and salaries on time. Once when we were stuck in a very tight situation and also wanted some funds for expansion of the hospital, we raised 4 lakhs through Financepeer. The best thing, the entire process did not take months or unnecessary hassles to get completed. It just happened like a breeze, in just about a week’s time. I wish Financepeer a great growth story, so as it can help more SME businesses.

Sharmila Vadlapudi


1 Lakh

I work as a Data Scientist and I was thinking of putting my savings into a fixed deposit, which I always considered safe. Then someone told me about Financepeer, which offered better Rate of interest ranging from 15-18% per annum. And the interest amount was credited on a monthly basis directly into my bank account. I found it to be a better option, so happily invested the amount. That the amount I loaned was helping someone with his medical needs made me satisfied that my money was helping someone in need. I am very happy that there were no defaults at all in repayment.

Valmik Shinde


Clearing gold loan



I had taken a gold loan from a local moneylender on a very high rate of interest. This used to be a cause of conflict between me and my wife. Then, I decided to try Financepeer. I applied for a loan of 40,000, which was provided to me at a very reasonable rate of interest, much lower than what I was previously paying. It also allowed me to repay in easy instalments. Financepeer truly enabled us to live in peace with lesser stress.

Sandeep Kakarlamudi


1 Lakh

I work as a Senior Analyst in a leading bank. I had once earlier taken a very short-term loan from Financepeer of 15000 and knew that their processes were simple. So, when I got my bonus, I decided to invest through Financepeer. So, whatever surplus was left after paying back my balance loan, I put into Financepeer options. I have now been both, a borrower and a lender with Financepeer and I can vouch for this safely that they are very professional in their approach.

Babu Ketan


Clearing local money lender’s loan


2 Lakhs

I wanted to clear debt taken from a local money lender where interest rate was more than 45% per annum (I realised I had been paying interest over last 2 years, with principal amount still intact). So, I applied for a loan of 2 lakhs on Financepeer. The loan was processed at a much lower interest rate, helping me to clear my dues with the money lender. I now have easy emi’s to pay and my principal also gets reduced every month.

Rithen Kuley


1 Lakh

I work as a management consultant. I came to know about Financepeer and the benefits they offered. I decide to test them on assurances given by initially investing 50000. When I figured out over the course of few months that monthly interest credited into my account gave me an actualized return of 15% per annum, I decided to invest another 50000. And I must say, I am very happy with my decision to choose Financepeer.

[Name withheld based on lenders request]


Small tour business



I heard about Financepeer through my friend, Ketan. After few days, I applied for a loan of 20,000 on Financepeer. They offered me the loan on low rate of interest, compared to other finance companies. What I like about Financepeer is that we can pay our emis comfortably through net banking. I paid all my emis on my first loan regularly. Financepeer, thereafter, has helped me multiple times in availing small loans of around 15000 to 25000.

Surya Teja Vanga


1 Lakh

I work as a business analyst and did not have much inclination towards investments. My money used to remain idle. After hearing about Financepeer, I decided to give it a try. I invested 1 lakh and am happy that it earned me a good amount of interest and that too, on a monthly basis. The best part, when within 3 months of investing this amount, I needed this money due to a family exigency, Financepeer team was kind enough to bring in new lenders in my place. They actually returned the balance amount due to me along with that month’s interest. I am very sure that as soon as I have some savings, I will surely think of investing through Financepeer again.

Vilas Kamble


A medical exigency



My wife was admitted in the hospital and was diagnosed with severe nerve damage. The treatment was expensive and I needed some funds urgently to tide over the situation. Through Financepeer, I managed to borrow 50,000 in just about a week that helped me in arranging timely treatment for my wife.

Resham Khare


Buying an iPhone



Though it was my first year in job, I still had a dream to buy an iPhone but with my salary, I couldn’t have arranged the funds for the same all at once. I checked out at Financepeer and realized that I could actually take a loan even for buying a phone. Through an easy application process, I took a loan of 65,000, which I am repaying through easy emi’s that my salary can easily support.

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To increase the cashflow liquidity in the economy, reduce cost of capital and in turn reduce the existing economic disparity I Strive for establishing financial trust amongst people using self-corrective financial back-end model and Al based rating technology

Easy loans at attractive interest rates

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Financepeer - This Mumbai Based Fintech Startup Uses Al Technology to Foster Peer-to-Peer Loans in India

  25 Dec, 2017       13 Comments

Financepeer is essentially an Artificial Intelligence based peer to peer lending platform that assists potenial borrowers and lenders meet each other and enable secured loan transaction between them directly.

Financepeer is turning around the conventional lending system in the country

  17 Dec, 2017       25 Comments

Financepeer will increase the cash flow liquidity in the economy and in turn reduce the existing economic disparity. this will let everyone grow together! getting loans is a lengthy, manual and highly time consuming process.

Financepeer assisting borrowers and lenders make more informed decisions.

  27 Dec, 2017       10 Comments

Financepeer better equips banks and lending agencies to select and allow people to avail loans. They handle this by connecting borrowers and lenders with a digital KYC process, and a hassle free application process.