India's first Education Focused Alternative Investment Platform!

Up to 13% XIRR – Better than any debt asset class investments

Minimal default risk as investments are used for education loans only

INR 100 Cr + disbursed to finance education fees, 250,000+ students and parents have benefitted


About Financepeer

Financepeer is an unique peer to peer lending platform designed to address financial needs of the education sector through a highly secure, digital medium. We aim to drive investment through purpose driven, cautious and AI powered lending.

Achieve your investment goals by fulfilling someone’s dreams.
Financepeer allows lenders to achieve a high ROl through purpose-driven investments. It enables you to fund students’ education at zero cost EMIs. Be it funding education or availing courses to boost career, Financepeer offers you perfect funding solutions, right where you are.

Easy & Instant Digital Processing

Your Time and Money are precious, Financepeer ensures both through our simple and safe digital platform.



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Financepeer - This Mumbai Based Fintech Startup Uses Al Technology to Foster Peer-to-Peer Loans in India

  25 Dec, 2017       13 Comments

Financepeer is essentially an Artificial Intelligence based peer to peer lending platform that assists potenial borrowers and lenders meet each other and enable secured loan transaction between them directly.

Financepeer is turning around the conventional lending system in the country

  17 Dec, 2017       25 Comments

Financepeer will increase the cash flow liquidity in the economy and in turn reduce the existing economic disparity. this will let everyone grow together! getting loans is a lengthy, manual and highly time consuming process.

Financepeer assisting borrowers and lenders make more informed decisions.

  27 Dec, 2017       10 Comments

Financepeer better equips banks and lending agencies to select and allow people to avail loans. They handle this by connecting borrowers and lenders with a digital KYC process, and a hassle free application process.